A word (or several) from Roy:

I just realised that there have been no new Captain's Blog entries for a year. This is not because I have been inactive more because news on the band front has been sparse. Again this is not inactivity, more of a regrouping and reassessing of the situation. I have decided over the last year to stop live activities and concentrate on writing and recording a new album. I am now 6 tracks into that and hope to get the last two done by the end of the summer. This will be released under my name - Roy Weard - and not a be a band album as such. More details will follow in the next Captain's Blog.

There are currently no plans for live shows. I may continue to do the occasional show with the original members of That Legendary Wooden Lion and if there are any shows planned they will be posted on the gigs page.

The book, 'A Way To(o) Weard' is out selling well. The book has its own page here, and can be purchased from the shop.

There is a Bandcamp site and 'Writing In A Skeleton Key' can be bought from there either as a download or a physical CD.' It is also available from our shop - listen to some sample tracks,

You can read some of things people have said about the album on the reviews page.

A review of 'Writing in a Skeleton Key' can be found on the Shindig website (scroll down to find it).

There is a two page article about Roy in the November 2012 issue of Shindig magazine.

This website is a musical history of Roy Weard. Roy was the founder member of Wooden Lion a band that played the Windsor and Watchfield free festivals in the 70s. He later went went on to sing, write and record with both Dogwatch' and ' Roy Weard and Last Post'. In 2006, Roy, together with The Cardinal Biggles, synth wizard from the original Wooden Lion, and Steve Bensusan, guitar virtuoso from the Last Post began to put That Legendary Wooden Lion together. This band gigged through to the end of 2011 but broke up the following year.